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EaterWire: Bussaco Chef Shuffle, Frog Cafe at Night, the Worst Food in America, and More

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PARK SLOPE— The Feed reports that newcomer Bussaco has already lost a chef: "[Matthew and I] had a hard time agreeing on how to morph the menu in a way that would answer some of the needs of the neighborhood." [The Feed]

SOHO— We already learned about Frog Cafe, the daytime remake of the failed FROG in Soho. But please prepare yourselves for the awesomeness of what happens at night (spoiler: it's bound to be a sure success): "On Wednesday through Saturday it converts to a lounge/club at night. The team from Upstairs is not involved...Henderson says the door is 'predominantly exclusive,' with bottle reservations insuring entry." [GS]

GOUTBLOGGER— Ozersky is back to posting about his gout (he's kind of hurt by the public reaction)—and has even attracted the attention of Gawker and their own set of commenters: "The first rule of Gout Club is that you do not eat asparagus at Gout Club." [TFB; Gawker]

UNHEALTHY FOODS— From Consumerist: "In their annual roundup of unhealthy restaurant foods, Men's Health has declared the Baskin Robbins large chocolate Oreo shake the worst food in America, supplanting Outback's bacon and ranch dressing cheese fries." [Consumerist]

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