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The Plywood Report: Noodle Joint, Subway, Zuzu Ramen, and More

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1) Park Slope: A vital Zuzu Ramen update from a tipster: "Was walking down 4th avenue in park slope last night, and the plywood is down at the ramen shop from the Sheep Station people and they were having what looked like a friends and family dinner." [POST-PLYWOOD]

2) Chinatown: A special tipster reports: "...was wandering around Chinatown yesterday and noted that the oft-reincarnated 1 Doyers is being remade once again, this time as what looks like a stylish Lanzhou hand-pulled noodle joint. If it ever opens, it will be the largest and most upscale joint of this type in any of the city's five Chinatowns, probably with real tables and maybe even waiters. The facade's signage is weird already, with an artistically rendered bowl of noodles circled by a Greek frieze--did they steal the art from a Greek coffee shop?" [PLYWOOD]

3) East Village: Jeremiah Moss discovers the shuttered Burritoville in the East Village on 2nd between 8th and 9th will become (drum roll please!) a Subway. EVill: you've just been scammed. [PLYWOOD]

4) Park Slope: Gowanus Lounge reports something is going into an old laundromat on 314 Seventh Ave.: "Applications have been filed with the Department of Buildings to convert the space into an eating and drinking establishment..." Also of note: it looks like the A&S Stationary store across the street could become a restaurant as well. [PLYWOOD]

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