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Obamarama: Industry Making the Most out of Inauguration

Images courtesy the City Winery and Old Metal Lunchbox

Oren's Daily Roast is giving away free brew, Krispy Kreme is giving away doughnuts, and restaurants from Hill Country to Chanterelle to the General Greene are serving prix fixes, "presidential platters", and "forty four fervor" menus. A restaurant called Soulé in Brooklyn is celebrating with a week of Hawaiian dishes and that fro-yo/fries spot on Ave A has "Obama fries" for $3. Meanwhile, a look at the inbox reveals we can buy "Cheese we can believe in" (Murray's), Obama pins (the Moxie Spot), Obama cupcakes (Little Cupcake Bakeshop), and The Inaugural Drink of Choice" (Hennessey 44). We're loving the enthusiasm people, but can we reel it in just a bit?
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