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Recession be Damned: The In Your Face Expensive Dinner

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While most restaurants in the city are dreaming up their next recession special, others have decided to take a different tack. Below, one of the more ridiculous press releases we've gotten in the past couple of weeks, from a restaurant that is "thumbing its nose" at the recession. Since the email blast is so egregious and we believe this place warrants no publicity, the restaurant's name has been redacted:

"[redacted] obviously knows there is a recession and they could care less!!...
On Sunday, January 25th from 7pm-2am they are blatantly thumbing their nose at the economy with a St. Bart’s night where people will party like it’s the 1980’s. The evening will include a famous St. Bart’s DJ, dancing girls, bongo players and a fashion show with high end designers from the island for the rich and famous. Does the restaurant care that in this economy most people are pinching their pennies and NOT going out Sunday nights? No way! The cuisine will include their normal full price in your face expensive menu. Expect socialites, trust fund babies, and a few mobsters thrown into the mix. Those fortunate enough to have the bucks to snag a table will have a chance to bid on a painting by famed French artist Cyrille Margarit valued at $10,000. Obnoxious yes? Do they care? Not at all."
· Eater Dealfeed [~E~]

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