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Flay Swears He Never Planned Dessert Truck Throwdown

The Dessert Truck Throwdown that was filmed a few months ago in Union Square aired last night. As you may have heard, Dessert Truck won the bread pudding challenge, but that wasn't the compelling part of the episode. It was how determined Bobby Flay was to convince the audience that this actually was a surprise:

"Hold on a second. This wasn't even supposed to be a Throwdown. The Dessert Truck guys were doing their own completely different Food Network special, but then they started gabbing on the internet and challenged me. So I'm busting into their show to pull them into mine."
Really now? Props to Midtown Lunch for the huge printout of their Throwdown post (video here), but they're not really buying it either: "An amusing plot point for the episode, but fairly unlikely...Whatever? I’ll take the publicity!"
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