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EaterWire: Kitchen Bar and Little D on the Market, Mercat to Expand, a Leo's Bagel Rant, and More

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PARK SLOPE— Gowanus Lounge reports that both Kitchen Bar on 6th Ave and Little D Eatery on 7th are on the market. If they get bought, expect some Park Slope shutters on the way. [GL]

NOHO— Some expansion/chef shuffle news from Mercat: " has amicably parted ways with chef Ryan Lowder and its kitchen is now under the direction of one of its opening chefs, Jalinson Rodriguez...We’re told that a sister restaurant named Cap I Pota will open in Williamsburg this spring. More info as it comes." [GS]

FIDI— The new bagel shop from a member of the Murray's Bagel store, Leo's Bagels, has just opened in FiDi, and we already have a pretty great rant: "...went in there yesterday, was so excited that FiDi has a bagel shop that I almost overlooked the total of $4.34 for a bagel with cream cheese and a small coffee. Their prices are way over the top, and judging by the poorly toasted everything bagel, its not even close to being worth it. $2.50 for a bagel with cream cheese? What is this? The Time Warner Center? Their slogan is 'bagels with chutzpah', what chutzpah to charge so much?! But hey this is Wall Street, people down here can afford it. Oh. Wait. This is 2009 we're talking about...." [EaterWire]

COBBLE HILL— Having a recession special is all well and good, but how do you spread the word? You could follow Provence en Boite's example and hang a giant poster advertising the daily specials on the side of the building. [CHB]
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