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Adventures in Shilling #050: Sweetiepie, At Vermilion, Center Cut, Stanton

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2009_01_centercut.jpgAnd now, our first regular edition of Adventures in Shilling in the New Year. A bunch of newcomers—Sweetiepie, Stanton, Center Cut, and At Vermiliom—are ready to have their alleged shills scrutinized, so let's get to it:

There is a definite chance this comment is genuine, given the decor of the new Sweetiepie. But we're not so sure: "I find the place to be magical and very different from your typical New York eatery. They have a little bit of everything for all tastes."
Shill Probability: 43%
The Citysearch page for El Chod's new Center Cut is suspiciously all positive/all negative, all fives or one stars. One of the five stars: "...We told our server that we had to go to a show and where in a little bit of a rush and she suggested the four square menu, at $39 each what a deal. So we proceeded to oder from this great quick and amazing tasting menu. With 16 dishes to choose from it was a little hard to choose because they all sounded fantastic. I started with a chili that was spicy the way i like it and a tomoto compression both where good but the winner of the night was the shrimp scampi. what a dish and combination between old and new, old school flavor new presentation. as we where leaving you get a bag of cookies which we ate after the show and it reminded me of the great meal that we just had."
Shill Probability: 63%

Last time Stanton made it on the Adventures in Shilling, we weren't too certain the review was a shill, and the alleged shiller wrote in to protest the inclusion. This time around on Citysearch however, the review looks even more suspect: "The most happening wine bar I have been to in years is, by far, Stanton. From the moment you walk in you are more than welcomed. The bar scene is probably 30 somethings and always present with a great vibe thanks to the music, great wine list and lively conversation. Step in a little further to the dining room and enjoy the best small plates you have tasted in such a venue. Inventive combinations of vegetables and cheeses into mouthwatering salads, indulgent pastas and creative fish, fowl and meat dishes all pair excellently with the mult-country wine list..."
Shill Probability: 85%

And then we have a couple of obvious ones for newcomer At Vermilion. First, from Citysearch: "Perfect example of contemporary food and decor. The food is extraordinary and full of surprises. I was there for my anniversary and the overall experience blew me out, right from my amuse. The lychee passion fruit granita to mysore lamb chop, duck vindaloo arepa, spicy lamb shank, perfectly cooked new york strip left us craving for more. Would have loved to try their entire menu only if we were not full up to the brim."

And from Yelp: "I had my doubts at first going into an Indian-Latin fusion restaurant but I went in with an open mind and was totally blown away. Every aspect of this place is amazing. The food, drinks, and service are all top notch. Chic and hip fine dining without any cocky attitude or stiff upper lip at all...I am a rib connoisseur, granted I am used to St. Louis and BBQ style, but these ribs were out of this world. The meat falls off the bone and were full of flavor."
Shill Probability: 92%

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