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Good Signs: Someone is Making Vesuvio T-Shirts

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Soho: A quick update on the state of Vesuvio Bakery, the almost 90 year-old Soho bakery that closed last summer with the hopes of reopening, only to go on the market a month ago. From the tipline

"...walked by vesuvio last night and noticed two guys putting up t-shirts for sale in the window. walked over for a better look and turns out they're... Vesuvio t-shirts! Asked the guys if Vesuvio found a buyer to help them stay open and they said oh-so-confidently, "I think so? We're just here to put up t-shirts.'"
The t-shirts are just the latest in the long, winding mystery of Vesuvio. Has the original place been saved by a private bail out? Are new owners trying to capitalize on the legacy? At least with the t-shirt news we can assume that, at this point, it's not on the verge of becoming a Qdoba.
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