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EaterWire Midday Edition: Perilla Robbed Saturday

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West Village: The third spot to be victimized in a recent restaurant-related crime wave (see Delicatessen, Fiamma), Perilla was robbed late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Several West Village eaters reported on the police presence in front of the restaurant—for example, "Perilla was broken into on Saturday night.  I saw Harold outside with a bunch of police vehicles and overheard someone saying something about how they took the computers.  I would imagine that there is a police report.  It was closed yesterday due to the break-in"—and a PopCandy tweet corroborates the restaurant being closed last night, having called parties with reservations to update them on the situation. Owner Harold Dieterle wouldn't go into the specifics of the robbery with us except to note that no one was injured. Perilla will be open for business tonight.
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