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Good News/ Bad News Black Iron Burger Shop

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East 5th Street's somewhat delayed new burger spot Black Iron Burger Shop opened to the public after brief soft opening at the end of last month. Considering a new burger is in town, we're slightly surprised more bloggers haven't weighed in. That said, two weeks is plenty of time for the user reviewers on Menupages and Yelp to jump into the game. They have some good news, and of course, they have some bad:

1) The Good News Bottomless Dish is the first blog to chime in with a report: "It has a casual, worn-in feeling, with bar stools, exposed brick walls and classic punk tunes on the radio. The burgers themselves were delicious and well-worth the very reasonable $7 price. The griddle created simple, misshapen burgers that let the natural flavor of the beef really shine--no fancy special sauces needed here. What really impressed me was the beer selection, which ranges from Sixpoint Brownstone to Saratoga Lager...The best thing of all? It's open until 3am." [Bottomless Dish]

2) The Bad News: Menupages comes in with the hammer drop: "Tried it out as its close to home and the service/wait for food was a miserable 45 minutes. Frozen fries and onion rings lost their batter and soaked up the oil. Burger tasty but overcooked to grayness even though they only cook them to medium rare (seemed well done to me). Horseradish cheddar was good, bacon good but sparing, cooked onions virtually missing." [Menupages]

3) The Mostly Good News: There was a small issue with an undercooked burger (always preferable to overcooked), but otherwise, we have a Yelper rave: "They have a decent selection of beer, including some you wouldn't expect to see on tap (which means they're cheaper). The burger was simple with a large bun and a fairly thin patty. It was also VERY juicy and very raw. I was ok with mine, but my friend felt that she needed it to be cooked a little more. The waitress had no problem and said she was happy for the feedback, since it's only their second day. She quickly came back with another burger, but this time it was medium." [Yelp]

4) The Mostly Bad News: Again, Menupages is letting us in on the bad news, though the reviewer is hopeful things will improve: "Very cute interior but this restaurant needs time to work out the kinks. It took over an hour to get our burgers, my Turkey burger was raw in the middle (not a good thing) but fiance's burger was delicious. The fries were yummy, but the price as a whole was a bit steep ($60 for two to eat and split 3 beers). The horseradish cheddar was a bit to strong and overpowering in flavor for the burgers too. However, give this place a little while to work out the kinks and get the service issues worked out and it will be worth it for a the occasional pricey burger." [Menupages]

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