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Top Chef Spoilage: Possible Chicago Chef Spotted

We received a tip last week indicating Chicago chef Radhika Desai was a cheftestant in the upcoming season of Top Chef, but the picture here is too dicey for a positive ID. However, since a second tipster is on her trail, we figured it was about time to share with the public:

"I frequent a place in wicker park in chicago called between. the chef has been 'on vacation in india for the past few weeks'. I've heard rumors from other people who go there that she was on top chef! Her name is Radhika Desai and she is Indian, looks like it could be the short haired girl in the pic! if it's true we are so excited!!!"

Desai is the exec chef at Chicago's Between Boutique Café and Lounge and has received a modicum of buzz in the Midwest. Her inclusion would make a lot of sense given none of our outed cheftestants so far hail from Chicago.
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Photo: Martha Williams for Time Out Chicago