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Eater Inside: Bloomingdale Road

Sam Horine, 9/8/08

And so begins the fall season. Right out of the gate, just a week after the Times fall preview, we have Bloomingdale Road, the newest edition to the still burgeoning Upper West Side dining scene, opening in the old Aix space. Ex Varietal chef Ed Witt is promising Southern themed "inventive American fare," ("country fried" quail, bourbon ribs) but we'll have to wait for some reader and critic reports to see how the food holds up. A diner at the soft opening already has an early rave.

What we have to go on right now are these pictures which seem, to say the least, a bit all over the place. Says a local on the scene: "Some rooms are sort of graffiti themed, some are trying to be more 'fine dining' and one is dominated by a giant photograph of clowns!" Nothing whets the appetite like some terrifying pictures of clowns. Further reading here.