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Pro Tailgating: Team Lever House/Lure's Giants Spread

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It's football season. Do you know where your favorite chefs are? Apparently, a number of them are hanging out in the parking lot at the Meadowlands. Next time you're there, look out for Lever House chef Bradford Thompson, Lure chef Josh Capon, and their crew of food and football-loving compatriots. You can bet what they've got will beat your stash of burgers and hotdogs. A report on this weekend's setup:

"Unfortunately Bradford couldn't make it as duty called up at Lever House and he had to man that ship. It's actually his gig and does it for every home GIANTS game. The feast depends on the visiting team. He did send the PIG on his behalf...Actually HOG in honor of the visiting Redskins
...The heirloom Tomato Salad was supplied by Tim from Ekerton Farms...Shrimp Cocktail, Guacamole and salsa and chips and ice cold cans of Bud from LURE. Brownies from Johnny Iuzzini from Jean Gorges. The guy with no shirt on is Michael Skurnik from Skurnik wines himself supplying some serious juice and bubbly...the meats and cheese were suppplied by Salumeria Biellese on 28th and 8th...The bread came from the head baker at Daniel...Other attendees Sam Hazan, Lee Anne from Top Chef, Johnny Iuzzini."
Yes, we are a tad jealous (and a little perplexed by the shirtless bubbly supplier).
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