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EaterWire: Prime Minister Defends Cooking Show, Bourdain in the 70's, and Plumbing Issues at 1 Oak

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THAILAND— The Prime Minister of Thailand has been besieged by protesters accusing him of corruption and demanding that he resign. What might actually get him kicked out of office: his cooking show, called Tasting, Grumbling. [Guardian]

CELEB CHEFS— Michael Ruhlman needles Tony Bourdain on his blog today, publishing pictures of Bourdain from his high school year book. Let's just say Tony is rocking one impressive mane. [Ruhlman via SE]

MEATPACKING— A reader tells Grub Street about a small snafu at a fashion week party at 1Oak: "Saturday night hotspot 1Oak had to deal with a massive shitshow minutes before guests arrived to the Rosa Cha Havaianas Vogue party. 1Oak's women's bathroom apparently flooded and three inches of water ran through the lower level of the club. Management was pissed, to say the least, running around barking orders as staff quickly used the one-person upstairs bathroom until everything was mopped up. One staffer blamed the toilet trouble on the model-like servers who 'spend forever in the bathroom.'" [GS]