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Inevitable Lawsuits: Johnny Utah's Sued Over 'Dangerous' Mechanical Bull

We all knew this would happen someday. The Daily News reports that screenwriter Aaron Schnore is suing Johnny Utah's, the West 51st St. bar famous for bringing the first mechanical bull to New York, because he fell off it while drunk. Now maybe it's just us, but isn't drunkenly riding a mechanical bull and falling off said bull an inevitability and, actually, the whole point of the thing? It's not an amusement park ride here. Schnore's lawyers, however, claim the operator took things too far:

"'[The operator] pumped it up until he could throw him,' said lawyer Lawrence Saftler. 'That to us is an assault and battery.'

The suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, charges that Johnny Utah's was negligent for letting Schnore's wild ride go on too long and for allowing 'an inebriated individual to use and ride the mechanical bull.' It also describes the bull - which is furry with padded horns - as a 'danger'..."

If the lawyers succeed in suing the bar (and ruining the party for everyone), there will be a lot of unhappy drunken rodeo lovers out there. And watch out Mason Dixon. You can bet you'll be next.
· Raging Bull Rider Suing Restaurant [NYDN via DBTH]
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