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The Eldridge Open, REVIEWED

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Oh man. The first review of the super exclusive Matt Levine club, the Eldridge, is UP. The blogger NY Barfly went by the new space to see what all the fuss was about, and his verdict: Matt Levine is definitely not a douche:

"Never one to believe the cyber buzz – Barfly headed over to The Eldridge to see if the place really should be burnt to the ground for even daring to exist or if the negative nellys of the blogosphere are just complaining because its too shiny for them...After a few deliberative cocktails – we came to a verdict. There is not that much to hate in The Eldridge, in fact – there is plenty to enjoy..."
"..Yes, the door policy may be super strict, but years ago when Bungalow opened and started it all – this was an exciting thing. We remember the thrill of super-exclusivity, and although we might not agree with the price point, it is far superior to the current trashy mayhem that waits outside the other doors in the city ..."
And so on. He goes on to praise the "delicious" cocktail and the "delectable" chocolates, and decries the online commenters for their misdirected criticism: "Douches don’t come to places like this, and they certainly don’t drink something as glorious as sparkling rose."
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