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Thursday Opening Report: New 9th Street Espresso Certified Open, The Hill Opens Tonight, Hea on Monday

This is the Thursday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.


1) East Village: Various sources including TONY report on the opening of the previously plywooded Hea, the new eatery from Friend House owner Joe Ngai. They write: "Chef Heng Meng Kong (Penang) indulges his Malaysian background with dishes like green curry with market vegetables and skate wing grilled in banana leaves. Hea morphs into a lounge at night, where drinkers can sample elixirs such as a blend of plummy spiced rum, lemon juice and seltzer, or vodka mixed with Calpico (a Japanese soft drink) and yuzu." Both Thrillist and ZagatBuzz report that the place will be open on Monday. Our phone calls confirm. Status: Not Open. Opening Monday. 145 E. 13th Street, 212-982-1688. [TONY; Thrillist; ZagatBuzz]

2) Murray Hill: Thrillist reports that The Hill will open tonight in the former Dip space, and according to them, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have nothing to do with it. They write: "From the Dune and Honey guys (and unrelated to MTV's The Hills), this two-floor, dual-barred, 30-screened "sports lounge" serves up noshing staples (mozzarella sticks, burgers, etc), but the real deal's the beer: beyond typical domestics/imports, the owners promise they'll offer the specific brands drank by collegiate fans when celebrating their team (so...Natty Light for everyone)." Status: Opening tonight. 416 3rd Avenue; 212.481.1712. [Thrillist]

3) East Village: EV Grieve had the word on Tuesday that the newest location of 9th Street Espresso would be opening that day. Their brief posting notes: "Next to Life Cafe. (Meanwhile, the flagship Ninth Street Espresso on Ninth Street between Avenue C and Avenue D will be closed all this week.)" Phone calls confirm it open. Status: Certified Open. 341 E. 10th Street; 212-777-3508. [EV Grieve]