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The Daily Achatz

With sister site Eater Chicago due to launch next month—oh, did we mention we're launching Eater Chicago next month?— we figured it was the perfect time to focus on Chicago's darling Grant Achatz. By the middle of next month, you’ll have all the Chicago news you can handle at Until then a regular dose of submissions from our ticket giveaway for Grant Achatz's book party/tasting event at Astor Center on November 6.


As a great fan of Chef Grant Achatz,
I write to you, Eater, in rhyme,
And this poèm contest attack. It's
Lucky. It comes just in time
To help me out. It's my boyfriend's birthday a
Couple days after November Six,
And eating food from the great Alinea
Would be to him a real kick.
You see he loves Molecular
Gastronomy. But here's the thing:
We're students: while this food spectacular
We'd love to try, we lack the bling.
So to re-use a Star Wars trope:
Help Us Eater, You're Our Only Hope!
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