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EaterWire: Yogi's and Salad Queen Shutter, Spitzer's Back, Blais Blogging, and More

UPPER WEST SIDE— Upper West Side dive Yogi's is finally biting the dust, something that was rumored to be happening for awhile now: "On October 4 Yogi’s will join the list of shuttered city bars and saloons. It will be quiet at the spot, 2156 Broadway, at 76th Street, for the first time in many years." [NYCBP]

WEST VILLAGE— DBTH runs a series of posts checking in on Ken Friedman and Taavo Somer from the Rusty Knot. We learn they're going to extend the kitchen hours, they've cut the menu in half, and they just changed the drinks list to reflect the new season. [DBTH]

LOWER EAST SIDESpitzer's Corner is back. They say it was an issue with the "refridgerator," but we know it was a little more extensive than that. [EaterWire]

WILLIAMSBURG— Some more shutter news, from a tipster: "The Salad Queen on the corner of Graham and Conselyea in Williamsburg is closing at the end of the week. The Queen herself says it's because of rising food costs and slowing sales. Perhaps not a crushing blow to the culinary world, but I'm bummed because the salads were fresh and delicious..." [EaterWire]

TOP CHEF— A blogger in Tampa Bay interviews Top Chef alums Richard Blais and discovers this unusual fact: "Blais says he’s beginning his 'writing career' by blogging for the latest installment of the network’s reality franchise. 'My aspiring writing career will start with blogging (The Real) Housewives of Atlanta...'" [TMoTB]