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The Plywood Coda: More on Hotel Chantelle

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The new hotel rooftop bar planned for the old Moondance Diner space isn't the only newcomer exclusive bars like A60 should worry about. We have some new details about the forthcoming LES bar/restaurant Hotel Chantelle, the new project from the owner of Williamsburg's Sweet Ups and Royal Oak, and the description of the roof is flat out bizarro (the words "Edward Scissorhandian" are used). And unlike some of the other bars in the city (other than the Delancey), this roof can, of course, seal up in the winter.

But, it doesn't end at the roof. To get to the private subterranean club—which is located below the restaurant serving small plates from former French colonies—you'll need "one of the thousand old style skeleton keys that will bring you through the outer gate" (eat your hearts out Eldridge and Apotheke). If it sounds too good—or outlandish really—to be true, read the rest of the description, forwarded along from one of the restaurant's prospective suppliers:

"Hotel Chantelle is a bar/restaurant built in 1910 Paris, aged forward in time to us experiencing it in 1940. Though it has many echoes of older Parisian architecture, it is also constructed 'hyper real,' in a wartime Paris setting if baz luhrman and wes Anderson had collaborated to build the sets in district 5.

It is 7500 sq feet, located on the corner of ludlow and delancey. There is a 4500 sq foot roof deck built out as a Edward scissorhandian topiary garden with hedges and trees in the shapes of animals. The roof deck has an enclosure that opens to the sky in good weather and seals up on inclement weather. There is full heating and is open all four seasons.

Below street level, there is an underground private guests club only accessible by it's own below sidewalk alley way system. To get in, you will have to find someone who has one of the thousand old style skeleton keys that will bring you through the outer gate. Inside, it's an anything goes old school NYC party the likes of which the city hasn't seen since 1983. It's the party that your big brother always told you about, but you were too young at the time to go.

The food during the week is international style tapas and small dishes from every country that was a former French colony. During the weekend, it will feature a full brunch. All food is seasonal and organic.

The construction is green and consists of architectural salvage from declaration of independence Philadelphia. All reclaimed!"

We'll see how this all pans out as the place gets closer to being finished. Currently it is in a heavy plywood state.
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