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Plywood: Curious Case of Lotus Lounge Space Continues

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Lower East Side: After LES coffee shop and bar Lotus Lounge's drawn out shutter last year, a number of new projects have been planned for the space. First there was the CDK Tavern (which was denied a license). Then, we had Lala Land, also a victim of the community hammer drop. And as late as May, we heard the owners of Lucky Jack's were taking it over. Now a local resident tells us this is neither going to be a restaurant nor a bar:

"I just asked the guys who were building in there. They said a spa, I said 'Are you fucking with me?' he said 'no' and I said 'Like with facials and stuff?' and he said he supposed so."
Not really what we were imagining for the space. Either the builders were told to say it will be a spa or the bar owners just found it too difficult to gain community approval.
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