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The Plywood Report: Grandaisy, The National, Jean Adamson's Space, and More

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1) Soho: There's been some new work at the old La Streghe space on Grand and West Broadway. The space still looks a long ways off, but they're making significant progress. A tipster tells us it will be Italian. [PLYWOOD]

2) Tribeca: Above, we have a shot of the new Grandaisy Bakery, opening on the corner of Beach and West Broadway. [PLYWOOD]

3) Lower East Side: A reader spots a new space on Rivington: "If you haven't heard, I just walked by a new restaurant called 'The National' opening on Rivington west of Freemans Sporting Club. They're under construction now but supposedly opening next month." [PLYWOOD]

4) Williamsburg: Brooklyn Based has news of a lot of great projects coming to Williamsburg. First they are spreading a rumor that Thomas Keller is planning a Buchon Bakery for the area. The owner of Roebling Tea House is looking to open a second location. And a Balthazar alum will open Walter Foods across the street from Clem's. [PLYWOOD]

5) Village: A tipster notices some interesting developments over on 6th Avenue and 12th Street. See the shot above: "It used to be a sort of dumpy place but they hung a sign that said 'retired' about 2 months ago and the paper is finally coming down. It looks like Elettaria from the inside - all dark black, white trim, bar on left with scroll mirrors above and a banquette on the right. Very dark. Could be interesting." [PLYWOOD]

6) Vinegar Hill: Brownstoner has tracked down the location of Jean Adamson's (formerly of Freemans) new restaurant: "...the former butcher shop at 72 Hudson Avenue in Vinegar Hill is in the process of being converted into an 'eating and drinking establishment'...we're starting to wonder whether this may be where former Freeman's chef Jean Adamson may be planning to set up shop...this cobblestone stretch of Hudson Avenue certainly has that kind of old world vibe the Freeman's folks covet." [PLYWOOD]

7) Chinatown: A Slice reader spots some interesting pizza-related plywood in Chinatown: "...I was driving back into the city last night and came down Worth Street to turn left onto the Bowery. While I was waiting for my light to change, I noticed that there's a sign in the restaurant window at the corner of Worth and Bowery (in the very heart of Chinatown, mind you) that says, 'Coming soon, brick oven pizzeria.' [PLYWOOD]

8) Park Slope: Gowanus Lounge has some new intel on that wine bar opening on Seventh Ave: "'?they’ve got their liquor license in order and are looking at inspections this week and an opening around the first week of oct (2nd week latest.)?' The wine bar, which will be operated by the owners of the wine shop across the street, will be between 11th and 12th Streets." [PLYWOOD]