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Good News/ Bad News No 7

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Fort Greene newcomer No 7 soft opened right outside the Lafayette C stop just ten days ago and already we've had reports coming into the tipline, left in the comments, and posted on Yelp, Chowhound, personal blogs, and more. Looks like the nabe really needed a new place (from alums of Perry St. and Lil Frankies no less). Let's take a look at their good news and their bad news:

1) Good News: A reader writes in with an early positive review: "Had dinner there last night. They had a soft opening last Friday. Their chef is Tyler Kord who was a sous at Perry St. Highlights were his roasted chicken, the hangar steak with kimchi pierogies, and the vanilla and miso banana pudding. The latter made me say 'oh my fucking god'." [Eater Inbox]

2) Bad News: Almost all of the Yelpers are raving about No 7. All except this one: "It's really really cute but the food ain't so great. Specifically--the hangar steak was chewy and accompanied by an unidentifiable mush pile (aka squash ??) as well as the unfortunate kimchi pirogi. The 'pork face' appetizer was just plain weird. The tempura broccoli was hard. The veggie lasagna was bland. The wines were so-so. Dessert was a straight-up disaster--even the highly touted pudding tasted like store-brand. Sorry to say -- there are tons of other super-cute Brooklyn eateries with better chow." [Yelp]

3) The Mostly Good News: Brooklyn Based is mostly impressed: "Meanwhile, in Fort Greene, No. 7 at 7 Greene Ave. is still in its soft-opening phase, yet the food on the regular menu (two words: kimchi perogies) and bar menu, which includes grub like Crispy Pig Head served from midnight to 2, wins our prize for most inventive cooking in Brooklyn right now (and at least one chowhounder, Rambam, agrees>>). Some dishes were more creative than delicious, but kudos to chef and Fort Greene local Tyler Kord for knocking us out of our staid, farm-fresh comfort zone." [BB]

4) The Great News: And unexpectedly, Isaac Mizrahi chimes in with another rave: "Last night my friend Tim and I took a seat at one of the great marble-topped high tables in the bar area?and feasted on what I would call a really, really delicious meal. I started with a special prawn appetizer and Tim had the cold roast pork, soft boiled fried egg and arugula salad. Everything was great...The waiter was great, the decor was super (nice antique doors in the bathroom)...I already have plans to go back on Friday." [Isaac Mizrahy NY]

5) The Mostly Good News: And, yet another mostly good review, coming from the inbox: "Because this weekend I found myself bereft of both plans and food in the fridge, I hit up No. 7 fri and sat. And sun. But just for a whiskey. Because I'm a drunk. For a joint that just opened, food's pretty good but needs some work. Cod was overcooked, but the fresh corn served with was amazing. Salmon was cooked perfectly. Chicken could have used some kind of seasoning -- hell if I know what -- but the carrot puree was good. Everyone there's totally friendly and welcoming. Totally great addition to the neighborhood...Also the back patio is gonna be great." [Eater Inbox]
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