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Eater Giveaway: Grant Achatz at the Astor Center

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On November 6, culinary wunderkind and food world phenom Grant Achatz will be making a rare New York appearance to introduce the upcoming Alinea book. Unsurprisingly, he's not throwing your typical book party. Guests at his event at the Astor Center will try five of his "signature Alinea bites" along with glasses of Grand Siècle de Laurent-Perrier, a rare Champagne. So yes, it's another pricey culinary "one-of-a-kind" event to add to your packed calendar, and tickets went on sale this morning. If you don't want to shell out the $225—not so much less than dinner at Alinea, but perhaps less than a plane ticket to Chicago—for the experience, we're giving away two tickets, right here, right now. Best rhyming poem about Grant Achatz, sent to, wins. The contest is open until the end of the week.
· The Alinea Experience [Astor Center]
Photo by Lara Kastner, Courtesy of & Achatz LLC.