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CB Leftovers: Outbursts, Moratoriums, and More Denials

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As promised, we have a few more tidbits from the epic CB3 meeting last night, mostly exhibiting how control-happy the CB members are and how much of a crap shoot getting a license can be. Keep in mind, all applicants can make an appeal before the full board.

1) Most of all, the CB kept stressing they want originality. An older Sicilian immigrant requesting a beer/wine license for her restaurant/back garden on Avenue C, was denied. Some reasoning: "Why do we need another Italian restaurant? Seems like the business is going to fail."

2) The theme continued during Mitch Banchik's application for a full liquor license on 3rd Avenue. Although Banchik has a pristine complaint record, he owns the bars Jake's Dilemma, Gin Mill, and Down the Hatch, bars apparently considered unoriginal and uninteresting by the community board. "We already have a Village Pourhouse!" was a rallying cry (though perhaps they'd forgotten 5 hours prior when they voted to deny the Pouhouse's liquor license renewal). In the end the motion went forward to deny, after heated debate regarding whether who, if anyone could get a license on 3rd Ave.

3) The above applications moved the CB to define "unique." The topic arose during Banchik's (hour + long) hearing the idea of putting a moratorium on any applications that don't fall under the CB's guidelines of a unique addition to the neighborhood, essentially putting a stranglehold on any liquor license application in the area. An agreement on the definition of "unique" was not reached, natch.

4) An unlikely outburst came during timid Chikalicious Puddin's application review (#25 on the agenda, so roughly 11:20 PM) as a woman (who had praised Chikalicious for being good neighbors) then stood up to blame NYU for bringing in all the kids' who "want to play their beer pong." Team Chikalicious Puddin looked momentarily terrified, but were ultimately approved.

5) In the end, it may be best to consider the words of the gentleman who screamed out at the end of the Mercury Dime hearing (this in particular was in regards to the Cooper Square Hotel): "What do you actually do?! Do you have any power?!" The board threatened to call security to haul him out.

6) S'Mac got their license in 4 minutes.

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