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Eater Inside: Daniel

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Krieger, 9/11/08

Daniel, the crown jewel in Daniel Boulud's New York empire, closed on August 2, after auctioning off its furnishings, for a major renovation. As of this Monday, she's back, shiny as new. You've still got your 18 foot ceilings, your ballustrades and "delicately carved" pilasters. But now we have a whole new and more contemporary color palate, new fabrics and finishes, furniture (including replacements for those bright red chairs), modern lighting, and bar, all courtesy of designer Adam D. Tihany. She's cleaner, brighter, less stuffy. But, take a look around. See if D-Biggity beat out the folks at Convivio, Compass, and "21" for the best reno of '08. And keep in mind, we have yet to see what New York heavy-weight David Bouley has in store with his Bouley move and Danube renovation, Secession.


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