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EaterWire: Boulud on Tihany, Celeb Chefs at the Pig, and Charity Events Galore

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UPPER EAST SIDE— A tidbit from Boulud's media luncheon today at the newly revamped Daniel: "I want to thank Adam Tihany for transforming my restaurant. He is very expensive. Or, I should say, he has very expensive taste sometimes. If I go broke now, at least I'll have done it in style." [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE— The lovely Kate Krader shares some highlights from Dana Cowin's recent party at the Spotted Pig celebrating her survival of breast cancer: Batali has lost 100 pounds and looks "awesome," D Chang relayed how the Charlie Rose producers had to beg him not to swear on the air, and D Meyer hints that he may be more open minded about politics after attending the RNC. Of course D-Biggity was there, claiming he would make Boulud burgers for both 2012 conventions. [Mouthing Off]

UNION SQUARE— Epicurious is throwing a charity event/dinner at Irving Mill next Wednesday to raise money for America's Second Harvest. Zak Pelaccio and Irving Mill's new chef Ryan Skeen will be in charge of food and tickets will run you $125. [EaterWire]

NEW YORK CITY— From Sept 21 - 28, Share Our Strength will launch their first ever Great American Dine Out, where a portion of your bill at all participating restaurants will go to the charity. Restaurants include Craft, Tabla, Ilili, Oceana, and dozens more. [EaterWire]

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