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Plywood Invasion of the Chains: Obika, Phillipe Express

1) Midtown East: News came in May that the much delayed Obika "the mozzarella bar that has created a furor in Rome, Milan, and London," (more info here) would finally be coming soon to the IBM Building in Midtown East. Three weeks ago Midtown Lunch noted they "haven't done shit" with the construction site in 9 months. But today we get word there's some new action and this thing could actually open up. A buffalo mozz bar in Midtown. Those Midtown lunchers can finally stop complaining about their weak dining options. [PLYWOOD]

2) Greenwich Village: A number of tipsters have been writing in about the new developments at the old Six and Twelve spot at 469 6th Ave. The bright red stools and bamboo should have been the first dead giveaway, but the signage confirms. It's going to be a Philippe Express and it looks ready to open any day now. Click through for the menu. [PLYWOOD]