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Lever House Turns 5, Rolls Off-Menu Burger

2008_09_lever_invite.jpgNext week you'll read about Lever House celebrating its fifth birthday. You'll see a little something on the Monday party they're throwing in Page Six, surely, plus various mentions elsewhere, such as on the Bruniblog and in New York. More on that, such as the menu and invite (note: non-transferable), are below and right. But, herenowtoday, as a special Eater bonus because he likes us, Lever honcho John McDonald sends along the above photo of chef Brad Thompson's new off-the-menu—repeat: off. the. menu.—burger. Adds, "Cheddar under fried egg with house pickles. You gonna like it." Serious burger aficionados will want to take note, knowing McDonald, via Lure chef Josh Capon, knows a good burger. Happy fifth, Lever; hat tip, Big Johnny Mac; welcome, Brad Thompson; on we go.

SEPT 15th 2008

Main Station
Whole Roasted Pig Head
Stuffed with Garlic Sausage and House made Sausage
Pork Headcheese
Country Pork Pate with Pistachios
Rabbit Terrines with Carrots and Red Wine
Warm Duck Confit and Roasted Figs
Pickled vegetables
Bowls of Pork Rinds

Cured and Raw Fish
Whole Bacon Wrapped Monkfish Loins
Seared Kona Kampachi with ginger dressing
Smoked Salmon Rillette on Croutons with
Citrus Marinated shrimp with aji dulce peppers
Oyster spoons with American caviar and Yuzu gelee

From Salumeria Biellese
Fennel Salumi
Imported proscuitto

Chilled Corn Soup Brioche croutons, Chives, Salvador Seasoning
Cucumber and Avocado Veloute Diced cucumber, American Caviar
Heirloom Tomato Soup Burrata-Green Olive Croutons, Bush Basil
Green Zucchini Vichyssoise Tempura Squash Flowers

Tomato salad with baby herbs
Marinated beets with tarragon dressing
Foie Gras Éclairs with Balsamic Glaze
Lobster Salad Éclairs with Tarragon

Onion rings on platters with Harissa mayonnaise
Fried clams with lobster remoulade
Crab cakes with Harissa mayonnaise
Brandade fritters with lemon and parsley
Assorted risotto balls tossed with parmesan and herbs

Grilled Short Rib on toast with pickles and aged cheddar
Crispy Sweetbreads with Lemon Garlic aioli
Chickpea Crackers with Ratatouille