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Opening Report Coda: Glimpsing Double Crown

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Noho: The people are just chomping at the bit for the new AvroKO space Double Crown to open. First DBTH took a peek inside at the communal table while workers set up for a private event. Then both TONY and Rare Daily ran their respective opening announcements. Now a correspondent files another new shot, this time angled at the bar with some sweet red leather chair action in the foreground. As noted in the Opening Report, the place will be closed tonight, and the next four, for private parties. But breathe. You'll get your chance at her, and hopefully her connected lounge Madam Geneva, after Tuesday.
· Thursday Opening Report: Shi Certified Open, Double Crown Next Week [~E~]

Double Crown

316 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 (212) 254-0350 Visit Website