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Shake Shack Genius: Graphing the Line

In a pure genius move, amateur Shake Shack obsessive Vinicius Vacanti graphs the famously long wait time at the favorite Madison Square Park burger spot. How you wonder? He uses info gathered from the Shack's twitter, where a flash mob of fans has checked in with line status reports for over four months. He explains the data set is far too small to be completely accurate, but it does give you a sense of when you'll get your best shot (post 3:30 p.m.) and when you should steer clear (11 a.m., 2 p.m.). Vacanti guesses the dip during the primo lunch hour is more due to the flash mob knowing better than to "insult the Shake Shack gods by irreverently trying to grab lunch during lunch-hour" than an actual low wait time. Want to improve his data set? Join the Shake Shack Flash Mob.
· Shake Shack Without the Wait [Vinicius Vacanti]