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Plywood Special: 110 Third Gets Friended

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East Village: The squat building on the corner of 13th and 3rd, abutting the Toll Brothers' 110 Third tower, has unveiled its tenant—and it's not a bank. A double happiness symbol has appeared up high and the paper is off the windows. It's a two-story Asian restaurant. Not only that, it's apparently the latest member of the growing Friend House mini-chain empire, specializing in pan-Asian cuisine.

With Friend House directly across the avenue and Friend House II around the corner on 14th Street, this new addition is called Friend Tri, as revealed in CB3 meeting minutes from last year, when a liquor license application was considered with stipulations that the Friend House folks promise not to apply for another liquor license within 500 feet of this location.

Sometimes, you can have too many friends. Now, with Friend Tri on one side of 110 Third, a Jake's Dilemma-style frat bar on the other, and the imminent loss of Robin Raj on the next corner, this block will soon be completely unrecognizable from what it was just a few years ago.
Jeremiah Moss

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