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The Shutter: Marion's Finally Gives up the Ghost

East Village: The troubled Bowery veteran, Marion's Continental is finally, and for real this time, shuttering for good. The restaurant temporarily shuttered back in May for some "repairs" and a "special project" (which turned out to be an appearance on Marco Pierre White's show The Chopping Block), but reportedly reopened in July with a limited menu. Now, according to an emotional letter posted on their website and in emails sent out to patrons, the current owners (Marion's son and his business partner) have announced it's time to throw in the towel: "We understand the frustration and disappointment that many feel about our decision. For months we have been living in limbo as to our next step." The new owners will be using the name Marion's while they "begin their transition," so don't be fooled. Click through for the complete goodbye.

In 1973..... It was the first cool day of autumn in the end of September of
1973 that Marion Nagy called her friends and loyal customers to come in for a very special evening. At approximately 9 o'clock glasses of champagne went out to everyone in the restaurant. A light came on and caught Marion and her husband Harry holding hands near the end of the bar. Marion stepped into the light and raised her glass. She thanked everyone for coming and for all the great years together at Marion's. She paused and Harry put his arm around her waist. Finally she spoke, 'My friends, tonight is our last night here. You spent many nights with me over the last twenty-three years and it's time for me to say goodbye. I'm not one for long speeches yet I want you to know how grateful I am for your being part of this quarter century of my life. Now is the time to spend the next part of my life with my family, Harry my husband, and my children Arthur, Richard and Marilyn." She raised her glass and said,' let me make a toast to the future, the future!'
And that was how the original Marion's ended.
On Monday July 28, 2008, Marion's son Richard along with his business partner Michael, after emailing and calling their friends and customers, staff and former employees, stepped into light at the end of the bar and made a similar toast.
After 18 years, Richard and Michael have decided to move into the next phases of their lives and have sold the business. Richard is still operating Marion's a Go-Go Catering and spending the summer helping his sister Marilyn open her newest place in Asbury Park on the boardwalk called Langosta Lounge, Lightly Salted Surf Shop and Pop's Garage Taco Shop. Michael has been in Philly for the last few years renovating buildings.
It goes without saying we are so grateful for all the years with you. Running a bar and restaurant in NYC is a rollercoaster. There's the thrill and fear of the ride and then the joy of stepping off the ride. As you walk away you look back and remember the highlights of the ride. Then you move on to the next one.
We understand the frustration and disappointment that many feel about our decision. For months we have been living in limbo as to our next step. We are sure you understand that it's been a difficult choice for us for so many reasons but utmost because of the passion and commitment we have had here at Marion's for the last 18 years. Perhaps we live in the audacity of change moment but it is also a very emotional one for us. The past is full of memories, the present is click in time...ahhh, but the future....the next extraordinary and exciting ride at the theme park of life....aaahhhhhh......
From all of us at Marion's...a toast to the future, TO THE FUTURE!!!
Thanks you, Michael and Richard
P.S. For the interim, the new management will be running the bar under the Marion's name while they begin their transition.
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