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The Shutter Report: Gasparino's Tells it Like it Is, Burritoville Bites the Dust

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Marion's Continental isn't the only sad shutter today. We've got a couple more places that have served their last meal. Know of a restaurant that is no more? Let us know.


1) East Village: East 6th Street Italian spot Gasparino's has one of the saddest, and most honest, little shutter signs we've ever seen. "Closed due to lack of interest." Our tipster reports: "I would have loved to see it thrive on Curry Row, but twas not to be, I guess. Part of the challenge was their high prices - the other places in the neighborhood are far cheaper, and it's tucked away so neatly." [Shutter Inbox]

2) East Village: Jeremiah's Vanishing brings the news that the East Village's Burritoville on 2nd Avenue is no more: "I know it's a chain, but a few chains here and there aren't a terrible thing and besides, I always liked Burritoville. Now, this location on 2nd Ave between 8th and 9th has shuttered. A sign in the window just says it's been closed and lists every other Burritoville in town." [JVNY]

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