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CrimeWatch: Barback Arrested for Spotlight Live Murder

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Yesterday, police arrested Syed Rahman, a 24 year-old barback at Spotlight Live, for the murder of Ingrid Rivera, the woman found dead and stuffed in a maintenance closet at the club on Wednesday. Syed confessed to the crime and wouldn't admit his motive, though according to the report he bludgeoned Rivera to death with a metal pipe following an incident where her friend refused his sexual advances. Of course the nightlife spot, already the scene of a stabbing, was "shocked" at the events. From the Times:

"Sometime after 2 a.m. on Monday, Ms. Rivera apparently went looking for the flowers [she brought for Lil' Kim], ended up in a men’s bathroom and was ordered out of the club, the police said.

Security guards, meanwhile, prevented others from leaving because of an unrelated dispute outside, a police spokesman said. Ms. Rivera’s friend went looking for her, but was not allowed to leave, the police said. They said that Mr. Rahman approached the friend and lied, telling her that Ms. Rivera was in a penthouse.

The two went to the fifth-floor rooftop, where Ms. Rivera’s friend later told investigators that she rebuffed sexual advances by Mr. Rahman and managed to get away.
Mr. Rahman then went downstairs, found Ms. Rivera outside and told her he could get her back in, Mr. Kelly said. He took Ms. Rivera through an employee entrance on 49th Street and into a freight elevator to the roof.
Mr. Rahman had keys to a utility shed there, Mr. Kelly said. After a struggle, Mr. Rahman bludgeoned her with the pipe, Mr. Kelly said. That took place about 2:45, the police said. Mr. Rahman then left the club about 3 a.m., according to the police, two hours before his shift was scheduled to end."
· Night Out for a Lil’ Kim Fan, Then a Deadly Turn [NYT]
· UPDATE 1-Man arrested over beating death at Lil' Kim party [Reuters]

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