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Opening Report: Mei Li Wah Officially Open for Business

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A number of tipsters have been checking in with running updates of the Mei Li Wah situation throughout the day. One commenter noted this morning that at 8 a.m. they were still shuttered and had yet to perform their religious ceremony (" lay out various foods and burn joss sticks and wait for the monk to come and bless your establishment at the appropriate time), but by 9:30 a MLW regular wrote in with some happy news: "Just bit into a pork bun as I was walking down bayard and I'm happy to report all is well, notice very little, if any, difference." To be extra certain we performed a noontime Eater spot check: the place is certified open—as one tipster suggested timed to the good luck day of 8/8/08—and serving up Char Siu Bao like nobody's business. For a full report, Food in Mouth has filed his assessment:

"The baked bun? Heaven...Really, these things are bun perfection (Sorry, J.Lo)....Even though the Department of Health gets a bad rep for shutting restaurants down, I think Mei Lai Wah is better than it used to be. Cleaner, brighter, and a killer bun."
There you have it folks. Sorry J.Lo.
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