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Opening Report Coda: Bro Jimmy's Bar Certified Open

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Relief! Murray Hill's Brother Jimmy's has finally opened the the public. Though a number of websites listed the nabe's newest arrival as opening as early as July 24, and the restaurant even had an opening party (attended by one celebrity) over two weeks ago, no members of the public had been able to eat there. It turns out they had a little trouble getting the gas hooked up. But all you fratastic sports-bar-loving Murray Hill residents can sleep easy now— they served their first dinner beer last night and are open again for dinner drinks tonight at 5 p.m.
UPDATE: Following up on a commenter tip, we learn the person we spoke to earlier at Bro Jimmy's was incorrect. Right now, the bar is open, and they are "playing the waiting game" with the gas. Sorry frat dudes. But really, who was headed there for the pulled pork anyway? Status: Bar Certified Open. Still waiting on dinner. 181 Lexington Avenue; 212-779-7427.

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