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EaterWire: Chris Cheung's Plans, A Guilty Plea for KFC, the Arby's Invasion and More

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MIDTOWN— Bret Thorn gives a call over to Monkey Bar chef Chris Cheung to see what his plan is now that Graydon Carter bought the restaurant. Turns out Cheung, and most the rest of the staff, are still on the Glazier Group payroll: "Chris said they’re still trying to decide what to do with him — maybe give him a corporate position, although Chris says he’d ultimately like to be back in a restaurant where he can showcase his food. 'It’s a pretty good time to look at all your options, I guess.'" [FWD]

PORTLAND— A New York City man who was accused of killing a man in Oregon agreed to plead guilty to murder if the court would give him food in return: "The judge agreed and granted Durham a feast of KFC chicken, Popeye's chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, carrot cake and ice cream. After Wednesday's sentencing, Durham was to get the rest of the deal -- calzones, lasagna, pizza and ice cream, his defense attorney confirmed. They will pay the tab." [CNN via SE]

NEW YORK CITY— Nation's Restaurant News reports that Arby's is coming back to the city: "Arby’s Restaurant Group said it has awarded development rights for 41 units in the New York City area to a new franchisee formed by Charles Chera, a local real estate developer and broker. The deal calls for the restaurants to be opened over the next 10 years..." [NRN]

WEST VILLAGE— According to a West Village tipster, the Hummus Place on 7th Ave South is now open for business. [EaterWire]

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