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Top Chef Stalking: A Second Whole Foods Sighting

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It's about time to get some spies camping out at Whole Foods Bowery around the clock (and if there are any rogue check out workers who want to be be informants, please let us know). We just got our second Top Chef Season 5 Whole Foods sighting after the preliminary report on July 24. Here's what went down, courtesy of an email sent last night at about 11:30:

"Just saw top chef filming at whole foods on bowery...about an hour ago. 6 white vans outside and a white truck. no rav 4s. sign on the door saying 'you are being production 16 knives.' definitely at least in pairs...saw a tall black woman and a shorter indian woman-- chicken, mayo, eggs, mustard, green leafy spices in their cart. LOTS of flowers."
Shopping at 10:30 p.m. and calling the production company '16 Knives' isn't going to thwart those prying eyes, Top Chef crew. But it was a noble effort. Anyone keeping an eye on those two contestants will be relieved to know they're still in the game. Otherwise the cart contents don't tell us much, except that they may be doing some kind of catering ep. If anyone has more Whole Foods, Greenmarket, or other variety of TC report, send them in.
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