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Cipriani Settles with the SLA; Liquor Licenses Safe

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Was someone over at the SLA moved by The Cuozz's article this morning begging them to save the Ciprianis? Or did the Cips just decide it was time to bite the bullet instead of waiting for their scheduled August 18 hearing? This just in from the PR Newswire:

"The New York State Liquor Authority accepted a settlement offer today from Cipriani that resolves Cipriani's outstanding issues pertaining to its liquor licenses. The following is a statement from Cipriani: 'We are grateful that this resolution ensures that service will continue uninterrupted at Cipriani's world-class locations across New York City. Cipriani is a vital part of New York City's economy and is proud to currently provide work for nearly 3,000 individuals across the City...'"
We never knew you could make liquor license woes go away by "settling" with the SLA, but nothing is a surprise when it comes to the Ciprianis. Steve Cuozzo, you can rest easy now. Job well done.
UPDATE: According to the Observer, that settlement was for $500,000 (chump change for the Ciprianis). The SLA commish was concerned about "the impact of our decision on the individuals who are working there."
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