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Top Chef Spoilage: Possible New York Chef Spotted

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After yesterday's big paparazzi encounter with the cheftestants for Top Chef Season 5, we've had a couple tipsters write in with some possible New York area IDs. One tip, from the comments, calling out the blond man in the white shirt and black pants as Swoon chef Jeff Gimmel turned out to be a false ID. (Though Gimmel, a good sport, gave us permission to spread the rumor should we want to). The second ID, for the cheftestant who looks kind of like Weed's Judah Botwin, has some meat to it:

"I used to work as a server at a restaurant in Montauk called East by Northeast and I can tell you for certain (99%) that the big guy with the pencil thin beard is named Danny Gagnon. He is pretty unmistakable. I haven't seen him in years but it's a pretty clear picture. If I am right it's going to be a very entertaining show. He is one of the funniest, nicest and yet craziest people I have ever met. He is a CIA grad who worked the line at ENE then took over as Sous after the departure of the opening Chef Anthony'll be great T.V. if nothing else. He drops 'F' bombs like it's his job."
Well at least someone was picked for their ability to drop F-bombs. If anyone can confirm the tale or can give a positive ID to any of the others in this motley group, do tell.
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