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EaterWire AM Edition: Jared Stafford-Hill Fired From Bobo

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Kalina, 9/21/07

WEST VILLAGE— As the man Frank Bruni himself hinted at just a week ago, a major kitchen overhaul is taking place at Bobo, the second since the restaurant opened in late September. Bobo reps have confirmed that chef Jared Stafford-Hill was fired from the restaurant this week, just seven months after opening chef Nicolas Cantrel left due to "mutual differences". Looks like owner Carlos Suarez could have some management issues on his hands. We're still waiting for the full story on the circumstances of the chef's departure and who Suarez has in mind for a replacement, but a tipster fills us in on how well Stafford-Hill took the news:

"After Bobo Executive Chef Jared Stafford-Hill was fired yesterday, he stormed back into the kitchen and poured Ajax in all of the sauces (obviously trashed immediately) and cut the wires to all the service computers before leaving. Good luck getting a job in this town again!"
Sounds a tad dramatic, but anything can happen when tempers flare up in the kitchen. Stay tuned to find out which lucky chef will try his or her hand at Bobo next.
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