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DOH Chronicles: R&L Restaurant Taken Down; "Come Back Next Week"

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Meatpacking District: The R&L Restaurant saga continues. Just when the restaurant was having a string of good luck (getting approved for a liquor license, being chosen as a film location for Gossip Girl) the mighty DOH had to spoil the party and bring the place back down a notch. According to this signage, the restaurant was closed because it doesn't have gas, even though the gas was turned off way back in mid-June. We've put in a call to the DOH to see if this story checks out, since we're not certain they'll shutter you for that offense alone. An employee tells us they'll be open again in a week.
UPDATE: As usual, the restaurant isn't being completely honest with us. From the DOH:

"R & L Restaurant was closed on Monday, August 4 following an inspection that found a severe fly infestation and hand washing sinks with no hot water. The establishment was also found storing butane tanks inside the restaurant which is considered hazardous. All tanks were removed. In order to reopen, R & L Restaurant must correct all conditions that led to violations, submit an affidavit of correction to the Health Department and schedule a re-opening inspection."
Not a mention of the gas being turned off, but were they trying to supply their own cooking butane? Jokers.
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