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EaterWire: More Restaurant Lawsuits, a New DUMBO Hot Dog Stand, A Ted Allen Review, and More!

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GRAMERCY— News from the coffee wire: San Francisco's much heralded Blue Bottle coffee is making its way to NYC: " addition to the cafes and stands, Blue Bottle is served at about 40 Bay Area restaurants. And just this week it's cracking the Big Apple, making it onto the menu of Danny Meyer's Gramercy Tavern." [SF Chron]

NEW YORK CITY— Cutlets reports that a number of high profile restaurants, including Bouley, Bond45, the BLT chain, and more are getting sued by disgruntled employees. In almost every case the problem here is tip skimming: "At BondSt, Kirschenbaum says, three servers are claiming that managers and sushi chefs illegally took a cut of the tip pool and required them to pay for botched orders and walkouts. At Bouley, plaintiff Michael Antanantis wasn’t paid for anything past ten hours per day — he was charged for glass breakage, and if he clocked in late, he got less points in a tip pool..." [Cutlets]

DUMBO— The Feed brings word of a new gourmet hot dog stand in Dumbo: "Last weekend saw the debut of the Landing at Fulton Ferry, an old-style hot-dog cart with a contemporary fixation on details. The cart: It’s got oak wheels and handles. The dogs...Try the Chicago Dog, with a Vienna beef frank and poppy-seed bun; the Berlin Currywurst, with Karl Ehmer sausage and a homemade tomato curry sauce; or the Brooklyn Bridge dog, a classic combo of kraut, red onions and yellow mustard." [TONY]

FOOD NETWORK— The blogosphere is abuzz today with the news of the New York Times pan for Ted Allen's new Food Network show, Food Detectives, though author Mike Hale mainly points out that the show will be boring unless the questions are decent: "With Mr. Allen straining to add some levity, 'Food Detectives' will live and die by the questions it asks. In the premiere last week, it hit one for four." [NYT]

ONLINE— This week Harold McGee will be answering reader questions on the Times' Diner's Journal blog. Curious cooks have already submitted over 20 questions including Are carrot tops safe to eat?, Do I Have to Toss the Whole Loaf if a Slice is Moldy?, and Is Microwaving Plastic Safe? [Diner's Journal]


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