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Top Chef Season 5 Stalking: First Pictures Surface, Cheftestants Revealed

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Top Chef fanatics: meet your new Season 5 cheftestants. Photographer Kurt Strahm over at the blog Restless brings us the first paparazzi shots of a group of the contestants leaving their home base at 20 Bayard and getting into the white TC vans. If these are the contestants left at this stage of the game, we have four females (two brunettes and a blond seen clearly in the first two shots, one blond with a ponytail in the last shot) and at least six male chefs (six seen in first shots, an additional chef or PA with hat in last shot), and not a faux hawk nor a tattoo in site. Looks like a Colicchio-like shaved head is the hairstyle of choice for the NYC season, and a female chef could be taking over Spike's role as the self-consciously stylish contestant (the backwards hat, the high tops).

Now, Top Chef fans, restaurant industry insiders—and anyone else unencumbered by a million dollar confidentiality agreement—listen here. If you can ID any of the above chefs, let us know. We still have plenty of tickets to the New York Wine and Food Fest and some choice reservations for informants.
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