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Restaurant Week Report: Kobe Club Kitchen Shuttered by Fire Dept.

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According to a tipster at Kobe Club on Thursday night, the place had a bit of a run-in with the FDNY at around 8 p.m. Official word is there was a technical difficulty in the kitchen and the restaurant itself was never actually shut down, but from the first hand account, it was quite the show and quite the introduction for diners coming for Restaurant Week (now Restaurant Month). The full tale, firemen, a nonchalant staff, a shuttered kitchen and all:

"Around 7:45pm a fire alarm went off inside the restaurant which received little notice by the restaurant staff..By about 8:00pm a fire truck had arrived outside and, when no one from the restaurant came outside to meet them, a uniformed and oxygen tank-equipped fire fighter walked through the front door seeking the fire or at least a manager to talk to.
When neither the host or bartender were able to point him in the right direction, he finally reached a waiter who led him back into the kitchen stating that, while there was no fire, a vent had locked shut and steam built up in the kitchen, setting off the alarm.
Meanwhile, business as usual was continuing out in the restaurant and neither the patrons nor the staff seemed to react to the fire alarm or presence of the fire department. Unfortunately, that was short lived and the waitstaff was quickly notified that the fire department had shut down the kitchen until the vent could be opened/fixed.
While an immediate call was made to the vent manufacturer, all tables who had been seated and/or ordered but had not received their entrees were notified that the kitchen was closed and could no longer prepare food. The restaurant also halted seating tables and informed patrons waiting that the kitchen was closed indefinitely.
While the restaurant made no effort to notify parties that had not yet arrived or compensate parties which had not yet been seated, they did offer an on-the-house selection of cold items to those that were seated but had not received entrees."
Our reader offers some small consolation for those diners who were there for the Restaurant Week menu but were turned away: KC will be offering the same $35 set menu through November. If anyone wants to give them a re-do, they've been back up and running since late Thursday.
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