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VeselkaWire: Plans to Expand on 9th St.; Avalon Bowery Project Moving Forward

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The blog Stupefication brings the news that East Village staple Veselka is expanding its 9th Street space:

"I noticed a sign on the mural that has decorated the eastern end wall of the restaurant for years now. It said that the mural is for sale. When I asked the waiter why they were selling it, he said that they were expanding the space so the mural had to go."
Calls to Veselka confirmed that they are indeed expanding into the storefront just east of the restaurant on 9th Street: "The whole block is moving down a notch. We're moving into their space, and they're moving into the next space." The new space will only be used for storage however, and the dining room will remain the same size.

The bigger news, according to an employee, is that the plan to open a new Veselka on East First Street at the Avalon Bowery complex is moving forward (despite the community opposition to them getting a liquor license). He says it will open in Summer '09.
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