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Stay at the Thompson LES, Get Room Service from Lil' Frankies, Remedy Diner

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Our friends over at Curbed sent a spy to stay at the just opened Thompson LES hotel a.k.a. "the most important new Lower East Side building since BLUE" over the weekend. They've got the news on the hotel itself, the room, and our personal fave, the mini-bar. But the biggest question on our minds re this hotel of course involves the room service/delivery scenario. The spy chimes in with the decent but not so great news:

"Room Service is READY-ish. If you're cool with Lil' Frankies and Remedy Diner, then good for you. Those are the two restaurants (and the only two restaurants) they've arranged delivery with, and the menus are in the room. With a delivery charge of $4, plus 18% gratuity added to the bill, Lil' Frankie's delivery boys stand to make a killing."

At $300 a night for a room, these aren't even close to the best delivery options in the area. Here's hoping they diversify their portfolio a bit in the coming weeks—we're better the other neighborhood restaurants won't have a problem catering to the well-heeled clientèle.
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