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EaterWire: Studio B Shuttered, E Coli Outbreaks, A Sheridan Square Discount, and a Subway Crazy

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GREENPOINT— Looks like Studio B's angry neighbors are finally getting their way. According to the Brooklyn Paper, the Banker St. nightclub has been shuttered by the DOB: "'All of the concerns have been met and we’re waiting for further inspections,' said Fisher, a well-connected former city councilman. As a result of the closure, Studio B shows between July 31 and at least Aug. 19 have been relocated to different venues." [BP]

SOHO WEST— Signs of life at the Deathwatched and shuttered Dani (above right). Looks like work is ready to begin. [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE— Sheridan Square is offering a 20% discount from today until the 9th while new chef Franklin Becker previews his new menu. [Cutlets]

NATIONWIDE— Just when your thought the food scares were over, a grocery store in Ohio, the Dorothy Lane Market has ordered a recall of all Coleman Natural Meat products. This is the second major recall for the Coleman's, a pricey organic beef producer with a small distribution across the country. We're hearing that there have been other beef-related E Coli outbreaks in at least seven other states, but health officials haven't confirmed a link to Coleman's. [EaterWire]

SUBWAY— When a man in Jacksonville Florida realized the sandiwches he ordered at Subway did not have all of the correct ingredients, he threw a fit and called the police. When they finally showed, they ended up arresting the man and tossing his sandwiches. [First Coast News via Serious Eats]

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