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Adventures in Fake Restaurants: Chelsea's new Fish Shack

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The following "press release" is one of the more unsavory things we've ever had to read first thing in the morning. But it's also almost funny. This is obviously a ruse, but, as with DBTH's fake-exclusive bar El Bano, part of us thinks this isn't more outlandish than some other real life restaurants. If the Eldridge exists...:

"Dr Rand Pink the celebrity gynecologist is opening GYNO FISH SHACK in January in Chelsea. The restaurant interior has a doctors office theme. The hostess behind a glass sliding window, the wait staff and cooks all wear scrubs (with rubber gloves). The customers have paper dresses in place of bibs for dining.
Menus will be on metal patient charts and bills will be on prescription pads. On a serious note 25 percent of sales are going to the Rand Pink Cancer Foundation. Pink has a Dubai investor and plans on opening 100 within the next year if business doesn't stink. Pink feels with great food and a vulgar theme the restaurant should create buzz."
We warned you it was unsavory. Of course this Dr. Pink is a comedian, one who sent a similar email to Gawker back in June, claiming to be their new restaurant critic. We have to say we can see someone (perhaps working in a theme park) taking this idea, dropping the gyno theme, and running with it. We just pray they won't.
· Dr. Pink: Gynecologist, Comedian [Gawker]
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